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Moving to Switch

More people are interested in switching from IE to alternative browsers than ever before. See why they made the change and how easy it was. Discover how compatible Firefox/Mozilla (or any Gecko based) browsers are with IE. Learn all the great ways browsing the web with Firefox/Mozilla (or any Gecko based) browser can give you a better digital life. And understand how Firefox/Mozilla (or any Gecko based) browser can make your life easier and your possibilities endless.

Why switch to Firefox/Mozilla?

You can effortlessly do things in Firefox/Mozilla that IE users only dream about, without giving up most of the compatibility in IE that you need.
> Surfing is easier and safer with Firefox/Mozilla

Questions about switching

How do I manage Bookmarks? Can I change themes? Do I still need a third party popup blocking software? How do I transfer my emails?
> Common questions about switching

What is the press saying?

Read why some reviewers have already switched from IE to Firefox/Mozilla, and how they appreciate Firefox/Mozilla's rock-solid stability, security and usability features.
> Read what they are saying

How do I make the switch?

A convenient step-by-step guide for safely moving your important files from IE to Firefox/Mozilla.
> Guide to switch

in this web site:

We will tell you why you should switch to Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox.
We will also show you how easily the switch can be done.

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* Netscape Browser Archive
* Netscape Browser Central
* Mozilla Foundation
* Netscape and Mozilla Solutions (Ramona)

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