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SeaMonkeySeaMonkey is an Internet suite that is the continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite. SeaMonkey is community-driven, in contrast to the Mozilla Suite, whose stable 1.7 branch remains governed by the Mozilla Foundation. SeaMonkey is based on code from "Mozilla Suite". The SeaMonkey Project and its releases are maintained by the SeaMonkey Council.
SeaMonkey 1.0 was released on 30th January 2006.


FirefoxMozilla Firefox (commonly referred as Firefox) - It is designed to be a light weight browser. By definition, it is just the browser (Navigator). It is re-written to take the advantage of better portability into operating system and faster rendering speed. This is less mature than Mozilla Application Suite. Version 1.0 is released in November. Firefox usually receives updates as frequent as Mozilla does.


NetscapeNetscape - Netscape is basically same as Mozilla (Application Suite), but targeting end-users with better documentation and Netscape branding. A few additional multimedia components/plug-ins were added to the package. All those additional components are un-installable. A stand-alone Navigator (browser and basic multimedia pluginis only) is also available.


Mozilla Application Suite also Mozilla Suite (commonly referred as Mozilla) - is the main application suite from, it contains Navigator (browser), Mail (mail/news), Composer (HTML editor), ChatZilla (IRC client). Mozilla used to target developers and testers, however, recently they've making it end user friendly. Mozilla usually receives updates more frequent than Netscape.


If you are interested in the relationship between Netscape and Mozilla, we have an article about this.

If you choose Netscape,

Netscape Browser Archive is the best place to download latest Netscape. We recommend you download the latest shipping version of Netscape. In addition to download Netscape, a version guide is available.


If you choose Mozilla (Application Suite),'s Mozilla page or Andrew Turnbull's Mozilla Network would be your best choices. We recommend you download the latest stable release, not the nightlies.


If you choose Firefox,

You might also want Thunderbird.'s Firefox section (or ) is your best place to go. Firefox is designed to be a lightweight stand-alone browser. There's no email and newsgrooup clients included. A companion for Firefox providing mail and newsgroup features - Mozilla Thunderbird is also available from Mozilla. We recommend you download the latest stable release, not the nightlies.

in this section:

We tell you the difference between Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox. We point you to the best place for downloading the browser suitable for you.

related sites:

* Netscape Browser Archive
* Netscape Browser Central
* Mozilla Foundation
* Netscape and Mozilla Solutions (Ramona)
* Getting Started with Mozilla

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