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Terminology Differences

Some terminologies are different, but they all mean the same thing.

Internet Explorer Netscape/Mozilla
Favorites Bookmarks
Internet Options Preferences
Refresh Reload
Links Bar Personal Toolbar
Temporary Internet Files Cache
Copy Shortcut Copy Link Location
Address Bar Location Bar
Explorer Bar Sidebar

What about my Internet connection?

As long as you have a proper dial-up or network connection setting with Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla will use the same setting. There's no need to worry!

Import Favorites from Internet Explorer.

import in NS7.2When you install the latest Netscape or Mozilla, your Favorites will be automatically copied from IE to Netscape's, or Mozilla's Bookmarks. That's it! All your Favorites are now included with your Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox bookmarks. You can manage them through the Bookmarks Manager located in the Bookmarks menu.

If you want to import your Favorites manually into Netscape or Mozilla, open the Bookmarks Manager (Ctrl + B) which is located in the Bookmarks menu, then from Bookmarks Manager, select Tools menu, then Import.

To import your settings into Firefox, the Import is under File menu. It imports your Favorites, Internet Options, cookies, stored passwords, and a variety of other data.

How do I receive and send emails?

Netscape and Mozilla come with a Mail & Newsgroups component. This is a very stable component, and can used for business, as well as personal messages. In Mozilla 1.7 it is now possible to have multiple identities on the same mail account.

How do I convert mails from Outlook Express to Netscape Mail, Mozilla or Thunderbird?

importIn Netscape or Mozilla, open Mail & Newsgroups, then click on Tools | Import. Select "Mail", and enter. Next, select either Outlook, or Outlook Express.


In Thunderbird, from the Tools menu, select Import... , select either Outlook, or Outlook Express. It is just simply follow the on-screen instruction.


All your emails from Outlook Express will be converted.


How do I convert data from Address book?

In Netscape Mail, Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, or Address Book window, then select Tools | Import | Address Book. Outlook, and Outlook Express are listed in the Netscape 7.x, and Mozilla 1.x Mail and Address Book Import options.

Export from OEYou can also Export the OE address book as a text file (CVS) then Import into Netscape 7.x or Mozilla 1.x. The Outlook Express address book is a .wab file and can be opened in Windows Explorer. Once you have the OE address book opened, select the Main Identity Contacts, or Shared Contacts, and then click on File | Export and select "Other Address Book". Select "Text File", Comma Separated Values (CSV). Click the Browse button and select a folder on your HD where you want to save the CSV file. You can then import the CSV file into your Netscape 7.x or Mozilla 1.x Address book.

What about pages that require ActiveX?

Firstly, we can assure you there aren't many web sites that use ActiveX technology. Please see Plugin for Hosting ActiveX Controls and PluginDoc's ActiveX Plugin

What is tabbed browsing?

Tabbed browsing allows you to open several tabs at the same time, in one window, rather than opening a new window each time you access a web page. You can also select a group of tabs, and make them your Home Page, or Startup page.

About Microsoft's Windows Update.

You can't use the Windows Update web site with Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox. However you are able to download all updates from

Still have questions?

Please feel free to ask in our friendly Message Centre, we will try our best to answer.

in this section:

We will tell you how to convert your settings and data from Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox (Thunderbird). Your favorites (bookmarks) and emails will be converted.


* terminology differences

* internet connection

* import favorites from IE

* email settings

* import emails from Outlook Express

* convert addressbook

* ActiveX?

* what is tabbed browsing

* using Windows Update

* need more help?

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