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Many reviewers and reporters are switching from IE to Firefox, SeaMonkey or Mozilla. Some start using Firefox, SeaMonkey or Mozilla so they can provide balanced coverage, although many discover that they prefer Firefox, SeaMonkey or Mozilla--it's time to move IE to the side of their desktop or even into the recycle bin. Others don't switch but spend more time using Firefox, SeaMonkey or Mozilla. And some just say nice things about Firefox, SeaMonkey or Mozilla, even though they look up their article with IE. We appreciate complimentary reviews, but those who switch offer us the praise we value most.

Internet Explorer Is Too Dangerous to Keep Using

Many of the people talking about the exploit have discussed how your computers might be used by these back-door programs to launch a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack. Yeah, that's bad news, but that's not the real problem.

In the few days that the sites provided the Trojan horses, hundreds of thousands or millions of users could have had their credit-card, stock-brokerage and bank-account numbers and passwords stolen.

Let me repeat myself: Millions of you may have every bit of your browser-driven online financial security information stolen. (read more...)

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, eWeek

Tabbed browsing, a productivity feature that IE has never got around to.

Firefox also adds a productivity feature that Explorer has never gotten around to: tabbed browsing. You can open several Web pages in the same window and flip through them as tabs, similar to those used in some of Windows' dialog boxes. It's tough to understand why tabbed browsing is such an improvement until you've tried it. But if you're in the habit of opening a barrage of news and blog links every morning and then reading them afterward, or clicking on several Google results from the same search, tabbed browsing is an order of magnitude more efficient and organized than popping up a whole new window for each link. (read more...)

Paul Boutin, Slate @ MSN


IE the most widely used browser today is targeted the most.

As IE is the most widely used browser today, it is also targeted the most. This, associated with popularity and a rapidly growing bug list, necessitates frequent upgrades and patches. Service packs -- often huge and complete version upgrades (example: from version 5.x to version 6) --  tip the scales at anywhere between 11 MB and 30 MB, depending on the selected components.

Alternative browsers like Opera and Mozilla fare only marginally better on bug-free installations. Where they score is that fixes for these bugs are usually released much faster than those for IE. (read more...)

Shyam S, Rediff Guide to the Net


Switch Your Microsoft Browser (Internet Explorer) Before it's Too Late

Dr. Mercola's Comment: The track record of Microsoft's Internet Explorer is so bad these days, I really believe this software cannot be trusted. In fact, I stopped using Internet Explorer more than 18 months ago.
Very soon, I'll be switching all 50 of the computers in my office to Firefox and I would encourage you to do the same. This free browser features a nifty pop-up blocker and a Google Search Box, and you won't be susceptible to ever-increasing security problems from Microsoft either. (read more...)

Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola


Firefox is awesome, jump on it and you won't be disappointed.

Firefox is awesome, and getting better all the time. Jump on the Firefox bandwagon, and I promise you won't be disappointed. I've been using Firefox full time since it was still called Phoenix, and I've rarely looked back. In fact, I now only IE when I absolutely have to, on those few Web sites I need for work that include ActiveX controls. If it weren't for that, I'd drop IE for good. And while I feel that you should as well, at the very least, give Firefox a look. It's an incredible product. (read more...)

Paul Thurrott, SuperSite for Windows.


"not only more secure but also more modern"

I suggest dumping Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser, which has a history of security breaches. I recommend instead Mozilla Firefox, which is free at It's not only more secure but also more modern and advanced, with tabbed browsing, which allows multiple pages to be open on one screen, and a better pop-up ad blocker than the belated one Microsoft recently added to IE. (read more...)

Walter S. Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal


"Light years ahead"

When compared to browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox is light years ahead. Microsoft will need to do some serious footwork to catch up to the usability and functionality of this browser. Seriously. For instance, you can load extra functionality such as more precise ad blocking, mouse gestures, website registration bypassing, dictionary, user agent switching, complete page and listbox/textbox searching, text zooming, UI tweaks, and the list goes on. There are so many possibilities I can't go into them all here. (read more...)

Adam Doxtater, Mad Penguin dot org



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