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Questions about switching to Netscape / Mozilla browser
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What are the differences between Netscape 7 and Mozilla?

Netscape 7.2 is based on Mozilla 1.7.2 code. Both applications share identical features: tabbed browsing, junk mail filtering, popup blocking, custom keywords, sidebar, etc. Netscape is basically a branded Mozilla with additional features, such as better integration with online service.
Firefox is a standalone browser with no mail and newsgroup components, whereas mail and newsgroup components are available from Thunderbird, a companion for Firefox.
>see also: A detailed article on the relationship between Netscape and Mozilla and a historical perspective.


How can I surf the net?

Simple, in fact, it will be a lot easier with Netscape/Mozilla (and all Gecko based) browsers. The Internet is still the same, but you will have the best security offered by any browser.


How do I get online with Netscape/Mozilla?

As long as you have a proper dial-up or network connection setting, there's no need to worry.


Can I still use my old settings? Favorites? Emails? Address book?

Yes, it is very easy to convert all your current settings, Favorites, emails and address to Netscape, Mozilla, or Firefox with Thunderbird. We have a detailed guide in How to Switch section.

How does Netscape/Mozilla handle spam?

It is done with Bayesian Junk Mail Filter, Netscape's and Mozilla's spam filter. It can be trained to recognize any junk mail you receive. The filter not only recognizes the junk mail, but will file the messages in the Junk Mail folder. You can set your Junk Mail Preferences to delete the Junk Mail within a specific period of time, and those messages will be filed in the Trash folder. Once the Junk Mail Filter is trained, all accounts will benefit from the training, including IMAP accounts. Absolutely the best thing since popcorn!


Can I still use my Hotmail account?

Certainly, just access Hotmail via the web interface and you will be fine. You also have the option of using Netscape Webmail which provides you a less cluttered interface.

Netscape Webmail is integrated in Netscape. With Mozilla or Firefox, you can still access Netscape Webmail through the web interface.


Why can't Netscape display web pages correctly?

It's unreasonable to expect Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox to display web pages written in proprietary tags. In fact, Mozilla and Netscape do render pages correctly with only a few minor issues still needing to be addressed, according to the W3C standards.

Internet Explorer adds proprietary tags which are not part of the W3C standards (despite being pushed on MS's web site as if they were.) ActiveX is *not* a W3C standard as many claim. It's a proprietary MS technology.

W3C Standards Support

Browsers that use the Gecko browser engine, such as Netscape 7.x and Mozilla 1.x have the best support for recommended web standards (W3C). This is a real plus for all web site developers, be they hobbyists or professionals. If the page renders correctly in IE, but not in a Gecko based browser, it's more than likely that the W3C web standards are not being complied with in the web page markup. IE is more forgiving for poorly written web page markup that does not properly conform to web standards. Internet Explorer effectively promotes and even encourages careless (and lazy) web design, while Gecko does not.


Netscape/Mozilla does not support ActiveX.

There is currently an ongoing ActiveX plugin project. See this page:
Plugin for Hosting ActiveX Controls.

PluginDoc's ActiveX Plugin
The Mozilla ActiveX Plugin was written by Adam Lock of Netscape to add ActiveX support to Mozilla. Development is not yet complete. This plugin is included with Netscape 7.1, and is configured to only work with the Windows Media Player control. An XPI package is available for Mozilla 1.4.

IMPORTANT! This plugin can be configured to download and install ActiveX controls, which can be a security risk. This is configured using activex.js.


Can I still use Internet Explorer?

Yes, Internet Explorer is still on your system, you can use it at anytime you wish. Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox is a standalone application and will not conflict with IE.


Does Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox run on operating systems other than Windows?

Yes, Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox runs a number of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Other non-mainstream platforms are also supported by contributor. In fact, Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox is the same in Windows and in Mac (and in any other platforms). If you are thinking about switching to a different platform or if you have different platforms in your environment, you don't need to learn the difference between Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox, and data are interchangeable.


What is tabbed browsing?

Tabbed browsing allows you to open several tabs at the same time, in one window, rather than opening a new window each time you access a web page. You can also select a group of tabs, and make them your Home Page, or Startup page.


Still have questions?

Please feel free to ask in our friendly Message Centre, we will try our best to answer.

in this page:

We will answer you some frequently asked questions about switching.
If you have further questions that you can't find it here or anywhere on the web site, please feel free to ask in our Message Centre.

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