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Surfing is easier and safer with Netscape/Mozilla
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Surfing is easier and safer with Netscape/Mozilla.

Getting started.

You just need to have Internet connection, get a copy of Netscape, Mozilla Application Suite or Firefox, and install it. Your experience with the Internet will be faster and safer, and more enjoyable.

Surfing the Net uninterrupted.

Recent versions of Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox have a built-in pop-up window control. You can surf without the interference of annoying pop-ups (typically advertisements). This software is sophisticated enough to distinguish between requested and unrequested pop-up windows. And if you do wish to display pop-up windows from a given site, it is easy to allow them.

Surfing the Net with peace of mind.

Your surfing history is protected. Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox are built upon open source software, and there’s no secret tracking of your net usage. Your privacy is protected. See Microsoft’s Really Hidden Files.

Your computer is safer... a lot safer.

The majority of viruses and worms are targeting IE because IE is actually part of the Windows operating system. Most hacking activities require IE and OE as a communication bridge to gain access of other files in your system or to bring down your system. Netscape or Mozilla is a standalone application and can't bring down the operating system. Your computer is far less likely of being compromised.

No email viruses.

While you may still get a virus through an email attachment, no email worms can infect your computer through Netscape’s, Mozilla’s Mail client or Mozilla Thunderbird. How could this be? Simple, there is no ActiveX support in any Gecko based browsers or Mail clients, and by default, attachments are not opened.

No need to buy new Windows.

Why pay for a new operating system when you can get the latest full featured and security fixed browsers for free, and they can still be run on Windows 95. With open source community, once a vulnerability is discovered, an update is available in timely manner, and best of all - free.

Tabbed browsing.

Why open multiple windows to stock up and clutter your desktop? Tabbed browsing allows you to open multiple web pages within the same window, and gives you the easy way to go. You can even middle click with the mouse to open a new tab.

Personalise the way you want.

Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox code is written to include the components most people need. Everybody is different, Mozilla Update and the Mozilla Extension Room provide many additional functions allowing you to do more with the browser. You have total control.

Support communities.

The market share of Netscape/Mozilla might not be as large as Microsoft’s built-in browser. You probably won’t be able to get many books teaching you how to use Netscape and Mozilla. But do you really need to buy those books? There are many free and friendly communities around to help you with Netscape and Mozilla such as SillyDog701's Message Centre or WindowsBBS's Netscape and Mozilla Forum.

Built for standards.

Netscape 7.2, Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firefox are the leading browsers when it comes to standards support. Their Gecko rendering engine offers includes comprehensive CSS1 and generous CSS2 support. Their support for Cascading Style Sheets is among the best in the industry at conforming to these standards which are set by the World Wide Web Consortium, and improves even further with each successive release. Netscape and Mozilla follow the guidelines of published web standards closely and accurately. Composer, the HTML editor built into Netscape and Mozilla, creates standards-compliant web pages.

Get the content the way you want.

In addition to filtering out of annoying pop-ups, with Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox provide numerous options to remove annoying elements from web pages, including images from certain web sites and Flash ads. You can also adjust the layout style, font size and colour to make them easier to read.


in this page:

We will tell you the benefit of using Netscape or Mozilla based browsers.


* getting started
* uninterrupted surfing
* computer is safe
* No email virus
* tabbed browsing
* support community
* built for standard
* get the content the way you want

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